Episodes 5 – Business Produce

  • Release Date:September 15, 2022

Scenario by Hirobumi Hoshii
Drawing by Syuhei Kamo
Edited by Trend-pro Inc.


The ability to cooperate is determined by the designed concept

Collaboration is a pivotal phase in business production, and its success depends on how carefully the preceding concept is designed. Specifically, the concept must detail who to collaborate with and what benefits can be offered to them.

To expand the designed concept, it is necessary to thoroughly research the interests of potential collaborators and consider complex variables such as determining priority in approaching collaborators and identifying key players to prioritize to bring them on board. Ensuring precise and thorough design in these aspects significantly influences the success rate of external collaboration efforts.

The Allure of Being Involved in Business Production

Delving into the world of business production reveals that despite skillfully designing a concept as mentioned above, many challenges lie ahead on the path to realization.

For example, collaboration is not just about bringing materials to a potential partner, but also about paying close attention to what communication channels to use and in what order to input information to the potential partner. Behind the scenes, the business producer employs numerous creative strategies that aren’t always visible, paving the way for organic collaboration and the satisfying achievement of birthing substantial business ventures.