DI is engaged in “business produce.”
For over twenty years since founding, we have engaged in business produce in various ways, including the provision of growth strategy consulting services covering a range of themes and support for new businesses for major corporate clients, investment in and incubation of startup companies in Japan and overseas, and business investment activities where we ourselves are involved in management. Under the mission of “Create businesses and change societies,” we at DI provide value through business produce to all our clients and society.

Industry Produce

DI conducts industry produce, in which we create businesses as we redesign industries and society by breaking free from the conventional boundaries of industry classification, legal systems, customs, and conventional wisdom.

Support Case

Business Creation

“Create businesses that go beyond existing boundaries.” DI supports creation of businesses in the scale of several hundred billion yen that will grow to be earnings pillars in five, ten years’ time, through development of business concepts based on views and ideas that extend beyond the industry boundaries, strategy formulation, partnerships with those who can be trusted, creation of rules for business development (designing of institutional systems), and internal and external drives.

Strategy Consulting

DI provides strategy consulting services to major Japanese corporations in an array of themes related to corporate and business growth. DI’s consulting services are not limited to strategy formulation for new businesses under business produce but includes the development of companywide growth strategies, medium-term management plans, R&D strategies, and M&A strategies, as well as sales structure reforms and executive training.

Support Case

Installation / Execution support

In addition to drafting strategies, DI provides support committed to the execution of the strategies and generation of concrete results. DI supports business produce endeavors of client companies by facilitating and accompanying strategy execution, as well as executing strategies on behalf of clients.

Technology & Amplify

T&A leverages the power of technology to contribute to the amplification of business value for client companies. We work together with our clients to provide a full range of services, from designing industry and business models that can be realized through technology, to organization and operations, to business expansion, to building alliances for model realization, to the use of cutting-edge technology to amplify business value.

Global SX

DI is also engaged in global business produce activities, primarily in Asia, aimed at resolving social issues. With the Japan office and Vietnam office serving as hubs for global operations, DI, in a multi-national member structure built on collaboration with members in India, Indonesia, and Thailand, supports global business produce of client companies.

M&A / FA / Financial Solutions

DI provides advisory services that require specialization, not only for Japanese companies’ M&A activities overseas but also for target-searching type M&A aimed at expanding new business areas and regions of operation; services for the latter are also offered along with other business produce services. DI also supports clients in dealing with various financing issues related to business produce.

SIB(Social Impact Bond)

“Create new businesses through public–private partnerships.” DI is focused on active utilization of financing functions for business produce aimed at resolving social issues. A social impact bond (SIB) is a new public–private partnership framework where the central and local governments tackle social issues by implementing novel solutions that utilize the expertise of private companies and funding from the private sector on a pay-for-success basis. As part of its business produce activities, DI is promoting the use of SIBs in a range of areas, including medical care and health, infrastructure maintenance and repair, disaster prevention, recycling, children’s education, and urban development.

Incubation / Investment Business

DI is also focused on active utilization of investment functions to realize and generate tangible results from business produce. In addition to principal investment in which we use our own funds to make investments, we operate DI India Digital Fund through which we invest and cultivate innovative growth companies and startups in India, including those with origins in major corporations.