Representative Director & COO

Takayuki Miyake

“Business creation” increasingly appears on the top management agenda of major corporations around the world today. Existing businesses that have thus far supported growth of these companies have matured even on a global scale and can no longer be expected to drive growth. This situation is exacerbated by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, making it even more difficult to sustain growth with existing businesses. Under these circumstances, DI anticipates a future where existing businesses are largely replaced by new ones.

In 2020, DI redefined its mission as “Create businesses and change societies.” Creating a new business is a challenging task regardless of the size of the business, and if hard work is required no matter the size, we would rather create a large, major business that can transform society. “Business produce” embodies our such belief, and for over a decade, DI has continued to refine its methodologies and tools for business produce.

Business produce is highly compatible with the concept of sustainability, in that both aim to resolve social issues. If social issues can be resolved through business endeavors, not only will the business grow in size but society at large will benefit greatly. This makes seeking help from colleagues or partners easy and increases the chances of obtaining support from the central or local governments in the form of policy introductions or revisions. While challenging, the value DI’s business produce provides has been recognized by many clients, partnering companies, and the central and local governments, and we can proudly say that DI’s brand power in business produce has greatly improved.

To respond to such support and expectations, during the previous fiscal year, DI has added to its line of services “industry produce,” which seeks to create value from the concept stage, and “business produce installation,” which supports processes following strategy formulation, such as strategy execution. Through the addition of these new services, DI is now able to respond to broader, more extensive business creation needs. Both of these services were extremely well received, more so than we expected, assuring us that our decision to add these services was not a mistake.
Further, from the current fiscal year, we have expanded our service lineup to include the “global” and “digital” fields, applying our expertise in investment and management cultivated through business incubation, another of DI’s strengths, to business produce. Supported by the expanded service lineup, we intend to be more deeply engaged in business creation.

We are also seeing clear progress in structural reforms that were carried out in parallel with the above measures. We have kept our stakeholders waiting for a long time; we have finally grown in size and entered a stage of sustainable growth.
We kindly ask you to look forward with anticipation to witnessing the growth of the new DI starting now.

Representative Director & COO