Representative Director and President

Takayuki Miyake

Today, business creation is becoming one of the top management issues among major corporations around the globe. Existing businesses that brought growth until today are becoming matured, making continuous growth more challenging. This trend has exacerbated by the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, and DI foresees a future where existing businesses are largely replaced by new businesses.

In 2020, DI redefined its mission as “Create Businesses and Change Societies”. The concept of “Business Producing” is to create large and impactful businesses that can change societies, and for over a decade, we have been continuously refining our methodologies and strengths.

“Business Producing” is highly compatible with the concept of sustainability which aims to resolve social issues. If social issues can be resolved through business, not only will the scale of business itself increase, but the impact to society would also become more meaningful. In such case, supports from partners or others should become easier, and it could also increase the chance of related governments to revise rules or policies to support such business. While this is challenging, through years of our dedication and commitment, DI’s brand in “Business Producing” is now well recognized by many clients, partnering companies and governments.

To enhance our value, we recently added three new service lines. First, “Industry Producing”, which seeks to create value from concept and idea stage. Second, “Business Produce Installation”, which supports processes following strategy formulation, such as strategy execution. Third, “Global SX”, which will globally expand and execute DI’s “Business Producing”. Through these new services, DI is now capable to match even more extensive and deeper business creation needs. Furthermore, our most recent service line, “Technology & Amplify (“T&A”)”, launched in 2023, is growing and is contributing to the expansion of our customer base.

DI will work more closely and intensively with customers and partners, by sharing opportunities and risks with them to put into practice the businesses we create. We will participate through performance-based or business participation schemes and are keen to increase our profitability by implementing new fee structures, such as success fees or revenue sharing, which should accelerate the growth of DI itself.

DI will continue expanding scale and enhancing value of “Business Producing”. I would very much appreciate your continuous support and belief in our future growth.

Representative Director and President