Mission, Vision, and Value

With 2020 marking the 20th anniversary of the founding of DI,
we have formulated new Mission, Vision, and Value statements.
As “The Business Producing Company,”
we will continue working to Create businesses that will Change societies.


Create Business and Change Societies

DI has consistently endeavored to create businesses, aimed at resolving social issues and revitalizing the Japanese economy. We are engaged in “business produce,” whereby we create new businesses and industries and support their growth by combining our ability to provide the most universal and beneficial business strategy consulting services with our practical and participatory management capabilities cultivated through business incubation. DI’s mission statement directly embodies our such unwavering mission since founding.


Become the First Choice of Challengers

Global industry structures are about to change substantially. We want to be an entity that those who seek to overcome difficulties and continue working toward achieving their goals wish to meet the most. We want to be a company where each and every one of the employees is interesting, unique, and full of life. To realize this vision, DI will be at the forefront of our mission, continuing to tackle new challenges and striving forward.


Advance Beyond Boundaries.

  • Envision Beyond Boundaries of Areas
  • Formulate Beyond Boundaries of Customaries
  • Partner Beyond Boundaries of Organizations
  • Challenge Beyond Boundaries of Ourselves

In creating new businesses and industries that can transform society, we believe breaking out of conventional boundaries—of ideas, conventional wisdom, connections between people, and one’s own potential—leads to value creation, and made our such belief the code of conduct for our employees.

Company Policy

Since its founding in 2000, DI has prioritized sustainability with the motto “Be useful to people. Create profits. Grow. Share.” With this motto serving as a guideline for all our business activities, we are working to continuously increase our corporate value and create businesses that will transform society.