Episode 4 – Think Big, and Outside the Box

  • Release Date:August 29, 2022

Scenario by Hirobumi Hoshii
Drawing by Syuhei Kamo
Edited by Trend-pro Inc.


Stand as the One Who Shapes, Not the One Who Is Shaped

In this instance, the consideration of a grand scheme involving numerous stakeholders, called “Hydrogen City,” emphasizes the pivotal point of assuming the role of rule-making at the heart of the plan to generate substantial profits. A clear example is the recent international developments in decarbonization. Discussions on decarbonization are progressing primarily with the European Union (EU) at the forefront, leading to rules favoring industries beneficial to the EU. Meanwhile, Japan has fallen behind and struggled to advance its industrial decarbonization.

Similarly, when bringing a concept to fruition, taking the lead in crafting the plan, fostering alliances, shaping the rules, and securing a superior position in the business are crucial steps. This ensures one stands at the forefront, enabling the realization of the plan.

The Essential Business Producer Stands Alone

In the story, we witness impressive feats from characters like Futaba, but in the realm of actual business creation, it is often a single business producer, akin to Futaba, who drives at the heart of the concept. One key reason for this is the necessity of “speed.”

In the ever-evolving landscape of business creation, the ability to swiftly adapt and make on-the-spot decisions is crucial, both in conceptualizing and executing plans. When multiple individuals are required for decision-making, the process is often delayed. Therefore, having a lone business producer who can make quick decisions, discuss outcomes with stakeholders, and make adjustments as needed is highly desirable.

From an organizational standpoint, enabling a business producer to operate in this manner becomes a key factor in the success of business creation.