Dream Incubator and Yamaguchi Financial Group Enter into Capital and Business Alliance

Dream Incubator Inc. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and President Takayuki Miyake; “DI”) hereby announces it entered into a capital and business alliance agreement with Yamaguchi Financial Group, Inc. (headquartered in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture; President, Representative Director and CEO Keisuke Mukunashi; “YMFG”) on March 26, 2024, in order to further accelerate the creation of a framework for regional development. Through this alliance, the two companies aim to establish a new regional bank business that integrates industry production, business production, and regional financial functions, as well as to solve regional issues.

DI promotes industry and business production activities to solve various social issues by organically integrating the power of strategy, technology, and policy, and has been carrying out advanced projects targeting various issues in collaboration with relevant ministries and local governments, as well as multiple private companies. In July 2021, DI launched Asia’s largest social impact bond (SIB) business-related fund (total investment: 4.2 billion yen), and is also promoting initiatives for regional development through SIBs.

As a regional financial institution serving Yamaguchi, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka prefectures, YMFG’s mission is to add value to regions by going beyond the boundaries of finance to solve social issues. In line with this mission, YMFG has been promoting initiatives to solve regional social issues and enhance regional value by establishing companies such as regional development consulting firm YMFG ZONE Planning Co., Ltd., as well as Regional Trading Company Yamaguchi Co., Ltd. and recruitment agency YM Career Inc.

As announced on October 18, 2021 in the press release “Conclusion of Collaboration Agreement with Yamaguchi Financial Group and YMFG ZONE Planning,” DI and YMFG have concluded a comprehensive collaboration agreement to promote the use of SIBs with the aim of promoting regional development by enhancing regional value, and solving social issues in regional areas.

Through these activities, both companies recognized the need to further resolve regional issues and examined the possibility of regional development by leveraging the capabilities of both companies. As a result, the two companies decided to enter into this capital and business alliance agreement based on the belief that leveraging each other’s experience, human resources, and customer bases through a capital and business alliance, combined with collaborations on SIB-related activities, would help create a framework that solves regional social issues and enhances regional value.

DI has been working to create a framework for regional development through SIBs while creating major industries and businesses through its unique professional services. This capital and business alliance is a part of DI’s efforts to create a framework for regional development, and by expanding its experience and achievements to other regions, DI will further contribute to solving regional social issues.

Envisioned direction of collaboration

(1) Establish a new regional bank business that combines business production, finance, and regional features
(2) Create businesses that revitalize regional areas
(3) Promote collaboration in other areas related to the development of both companies, such as through personnel exchanges

The two companies will discuss and review details going forward.

About Yamaguchi Financial Group, Inc.

As a regional financial group serving the Yamaguchi, Hiroshima, and Kitakyushu regions, YMFG has the Yamaguchi Bank, the Momiji Bank, and the Kitakyushu Bank under its umbrella, and is working to enhance regional value by engaging the regional community and going beyond the boundaries of finance to solve social issues, with the aim of becoming “a company that adds value to the region.”

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