Installation / Execution support

Client: EXEO Group

In-team support for the Innovation Promotion Department (IBEX – Innovation Base of EXEO), whose mission is to address changes in the business environment over the medium to long term through innovation


EXEO Group, a major telecommunications construction company, has declared a company-wide commitment to solving problems through innovation to strategically address changes in the business environment over the medium to long term. To make this commitment concrete, it established the Innovation Promotion Office (IBEX) in July 2020, a new organization reporting directly to the president, to promote information gathering, strategy formulation, and verification of new business areas which will become new pillars of its business, create a mechanism for continuous innovation, and develop human resources (the Innovation Promotion Office was upgraded to the Innovation Promotion Department in July 2022).
In response to EXEO Group’s management challenges, DI has provided support for new business strategy formulation and execution, as well as for creating an organizational structure (i.e., organizational operating system) that can create these new businesses in a repeatable manner, since the IBEX was first established.

Support overview

New business launch

DI provides comprehensive support for launching new businesses, from conception to execution, under the concept of addressing issues at the social and industrial levels, in order to launch robust businesses that can become new pillars of EXEO Group. First, we selected several areas outside of the EXEO Group’s business domain, and spent about three to six months drafting concepts based on changes in macro trends in several business areas, while leveraging DI’s expertise in addressing social issues. After that, we have worked together with IBEX for over two years to support business verification and launch, including building a network of collaborators to achieve the concept.
In addition, we also help establish processes so EXEO Group can make these initiatives into a groupwide effort. By combining DI’s past experience in new business creation with feedback from actually promoting themes, we help the client company accumulate expertise.

Creating structures (i.e., organizational operating system)

DI has also been providing in-team support for establishing an organizational structure (organizational operating system) that can create new businesses in a repeatable manner since the IBEX was first established. An organizational OS is a system that serves as a foundation for promoting business, including human resources, culture, and systems. In order to update these foundations to be more in line with innovation, we have implemented more than 10 measures over the past two years. For example, we expanded activities to identify and foster innovative human resources through workshops for analyzing highly profitable companies based on DI’s consulting and investment experience, and incorporated a business creation process in the system in tandem with theme promotion.
In addition, rather than simply implementing measures, we continue supporting the development of a more practical organizational operating system by setting KPIs to monitor and identify effective measures, and by promoting new business themes through feedback.

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