Dream Incubator and astamuse conclude strategic partnership

Dream Incubator Inc. (hereafter “DI”; Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Takayoshi Yamakawa, President and Representative Director) concluded a strategic partnership with astamuse company, Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Ayumu Nagai, President and CEO).

DI supports business creation and innovation at large companies that strive to drive the industry forward and develop new industries. Through our company’s core business production services, we continuously help companies solve social problems using the power of business. We recognize that global data related to new technology and innovation holds the key to these solutions. As such, astamuse’s initiatives, which collects and provides data in a completely new way, aligns with our vision. We have decided to form a partnership with astamuse because we strongly believed that our two companies could complement each other and create multiplier effects in customer acquisition and provided value.

astamuse collects comprehensive data from across the world related to new businesses, products and services, and research and technology. It then consolidates the data, sorting it into 176 unique growth areas and 105 distinct social problems, and publishes it online in an easy-to-understand format. This analysis focuses on future trends and how companies can achieve their visions for a better future, and allows astamuse to support innovation by providing companies with clear and objective information that guides investment in technology and research, businesses, human resources, and management.

To build a better future, we think it is necessary to cooperate with many players who share our vision. Both DI and astamuse have formulated solutions for various industries and social problems, and have built track record of creating businesses. We will cooperate to boost the value of our existing businesses and provide new innovative services.

We plan to jointly provide business creation and innovation support to each other’s customer bases. In addition, we look to actively promote personnel exchange, develop new integrated services, and expand the ways in which we provide services as outlined below.

  • Advance business creation rooted in business ideas
    • Develop business creation support services by organically combining DI’s strength (investigating new business feasibility on the scale of several hundred billion yen by researching social problems and industry framework) with astamuse’s strength in data that nurtures new technology and innovation.
  • Increase the accuracy of business creation and growth
    • Create a framework to increase the probability of new business success when pushing ahead to implement a business creation plan with partners and through collaboration with companies that share vision. This can be made possible by leveraging astamuse’s strength in accurately ascertaining variables such as a potential partner’s attitude toward innovation and employment of technology.
  • Jointly develop business creation tools and business logics
    • Investigate the possibility of jointly developing tools and business logics aimed at business creation support service companies and investment firms.


■ Dream Incubator Inc. (
DI works not only to develop services for client companies, but also to produce businesses that transform society and infuse energy into the Japanese economy. DI achieves this by combining strategic consulting skills—the most universal, valuable, and fundamental skills in the business sphere—with managerial abilities honed by a pragmatic and ownership-spirited mindset fostered through our incubation initiatives.

■ astamuse company, Ltd. (
astamuse supports global open innovation by managing a database of information on new business and technology innovation. The company provides information based on the database through its website In addition, it highlights future growth markets and profiles companies shaping the future on astamuse proposes new business ideas to build the future economy and solve social problems. It engages in M&A consulting, provides investment information, and matches cutting edge companies to relevant technologies and specialized personnel.


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