Business alliance with Dream Incubator and Nippon Life Insurance

~ Accelerating collaborative initiatives to solve social issues ~

Dream Incubator forms a business alliance with Nippon Life Insurance Company

Dream Incubator Inc. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director & COO Takayuki Miyake; hereinafter “DI”) and Nippon Life Insurance Company (headquartered in Osaka City, Osaka; President Hiroshi Shimizu; hereinafter “Nippon Life”) have signed a business alliance agreement (hereinafter “this alliance”) for collaboration in solving social issues. Going forward, DI and Nippon Life will share and utilize each other’s knowledge and networks to promote initiatives that contribute to solving social issues related to public-private and industrial cooperation.



In recent years, with the rapid aging of society and declining birthrate, many social issues have become more complex and serious, and the need to solve them has become more pressing than ever. In order to solve these social issues, it is becoming increasingly important for companies with the same goals and aspirations to collaborate with one another, maximizing the sharing and utilization of one another’s know-how, networks, and resources, and promoting initiatives that transcend organizational barriers, rather than having governments and private companies confront these issues individually.

DI promotes industry production activities to solve various social issues by organically integrating strategy, technology, and policy capabilities, and has carried out advanced projects in collaboration with relevant ministries, agencies, and local governments, as well as a number of private companies. Most recently, DI has been working with Toyota City on a project to reduce the number of seniors requiring nursing care using Social Impact Bonds (“SIBs”), a new public-private partnership framework.

Amid major changes in the economic, lifestyle, and social environments, Nippon Life is promoting initiatives to further fulfill its social roles by “providing peace of mind to all people”, “leading the creation of a society of health and longevity”, and “contributing to the creation of a sustainable society”.

Under this alliance, DI and Nippon Life will share and utilize each other’s knowledge and know-how to promote public-private and industrial collaboration that contributes to solving social issues. More specifically, with a focus on SIBs, which aims to solve social issues faced by local governments by involving various private companies, the two companies will deliberate on how to contribute to regional revitalization by addressing the unique issues faced by respective local governments, as well as new initiatives in areas such as preventive care. In addition, the two companies plan to hold discussions with related parties on the creation of a framework for public-private and industrial cooperation.

Going forward, DI will continue to work together with its many allies and supporters to open up new ways to solve social issues and fulfill DI’s mission to “create businesses and change societies”.


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