DI expands business produce operations in earnest toward the era of carbon neutrality: Established Sustainable BX Team with Dentsu

~ Plans to launch Carbon Neutral Transformation Program ~

DI expands business produce operations in earnest toward the era of carbon neutrality:
Established Sustainable BX Team with Dentsu


Dream Incubator Inc. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director & COO Takayuki Miyake; hereinafter “DI”) hereby announces that it has decided to further strengthen and expand the scope of its business produce operations toward the era of carbon neutrality. DI has already been conducting these operations, albeit with only some of its clients, amid the global shift toward achieving carbon neutrality.

As part of this effort, DI established a Sustainable BX Team, a BX*1 team dedicated to achieving both sustainability goals and corporate transformation/business growth, in collaboration with business partner Dentsu Inc. (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Hiroshi Igarashi). Drawing on each other’s strengths—namely DI’s business produce capabilities in creating new businesses that address social issues with a combination of policies, strategies, and technologies, and Dentsu’s comprehensive solutions focused on consumer behavior, customer interactions, and customer experience—DI and Dentsu aim to support companies achieve their sustainability goals as well as transform and grow their businesses.


Strategies and distinctive features of Sustainable BX Team

With the establishment of the Sustainable BX Team, DI and Dentsu will launch Carbon Neutral Transformation Program as the first phase of services to be offered by the Team.

Carbon neutrality (“CN”) has been gaining attention in recent years as an important management agenda. Many companies in Japan as well have made public their commitment to achieving CN. Meanwhile, most initiatives to this end are limited to those that can be implemented within the frameworks of existing businesses, such as reviewing the sources of electricity and changing materials or suppliers, and are difficult to make progress in as they lead to increased costs and lower profits for the existing businesses.

The Carbon Neutral Transformation Program is not limited to initiatives focused solely on reducing CO2 emissions (i.e., initiatives aimed at resolving or eliminating the underlying problems only) merely to fulfill social responsibility within the frameworks of existing businesses. Rather, the Program aims to support proactive initiatives that see the shift to CN society as an opportunity to restructure the market, i.e., a game changer, and that involve creating new businesses as well as revamping, or transforming, business domains. In other words, the Program intends to support initiatives that create additional value, in addition to resolving the underlying problems. In doing so, DI and Dentsu aim to pioneer approaches to global investments and loans—which are said to amount to as much as several tens of quadrillion yen*3—for achieving CN in 2050. Further, DI and Dentsu will support the creation of new corporate value and corporate transformation, as well as the realization of fundamental CN management.


Goals and service overview of Carbon Neutral Transformation Program

From goal setting to strategy formulation and planning, execution, and monitoring and PDCA, the Program provides comprehensive support for proactive initiatives aimed at realizing CN and corporate transformation/business growth.


Key features of Carbon Neutral Transformation Program

  1. Drawing on the respective strengths of DI and Dentsu, the Program supports corporate transformation and growth through proactive initiatives focused on “creating additional value”.

Rather than limiting its efforts to initiatives solely focused on reducing CO2 emissions to merely fulfill social responsibility within the boundaries of existing businesses (i.e., initiatives focused on solving or eliminating problems only), the Program aims to roll out proactive initiatives that go further than resolving problems at hand to create new value and support corporate transformation and growth.

  1. Provides companywide management support

Depending on the specific messages and areas of sustainability goals (e.g., ESG, CN, and SDGs), different departments within a company are often in charge of carrying out initiatives to achieve these goals. This creates an issue of these departments working individually, rather than collaborating with each other to take a uniform, collective action as a company. To resolve this issue, through the Program the Sustainable BX Team will form a company-wide, cross-sectional organization for each area of sustainability goals and support these organizations as a partner, all the while consulting the CEO and top management of the company.

  1. Designs networks of companies and joint venture operations

Rather than narrowing the scope of CN management to activities of a single company, the Program promotes collaboration with national and local governments, as well as with other companies, and supports the design, launch, and operation of consortiums, platforms, and joint ventures that bundle multiple groups of companies.


The Sustainability BX Team intends to bolster and expand the scope of its solutions in areas other than CN as well, through its strategies and distinctive features utilizing respective strengths of DI and Dentsu, while collaborating with various universities, academic institutions, and professionals, as well as companies in a wide range of industries.


*1. BX stands for business transformation.
*2. AX stands for ad transformation, CX for customer-experience transformation, and DX for digital transformation.
*3. See IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency)’s Global Renewables Outlook.


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