Notice of Change in Representative Directors

Dream Incubator Inc. (hereafter “DI”) hereby announces that at a Board of Directors meeting held on June 11, 2020, it has resolved to make the following changes in representative directors. The changes will be made official by the resolution of the 20th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders scheduled for June 29, 2020 and a Board of Directors meeting to be held soon after the conclusion of the General Meeting.


1. Reason for change
To transition to a new management structure led by the next generation of leaders to better respond to a rapidly changing society and industry structure, with the aim of increasing enterprise value.


2. Details of change

Name New position Current position
Tetsuro Harada Representative Director and CEO
(Chairman of the Board of Directors)
Takayuki Miyake Representative Director and COO
(Business Production Representative)
Kyohei Hosono Representative Director and COO
(Incubation Representative)


3. Career summary of newly appointed representative directors

(Date of birth)
Career summary Number of
shares held
(Sep 22, 1965)
Apr 1981   Enlisted in the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
Apr 1990   Joined Nippon Life Insurance Company
May 1996   MBA, the University of California, Berkeley
Oct 2000   Joined DI
Jan 2003   Manager, DI
Jun 2006   Corporate Officer, DI (current)
Nov 2017   Director, ipet Insurance Co., Ltd. (current)
Jun 2018   Director, DI (current)
(Apr 24, 1970)
Apr 1995   Joined the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (current Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Jul 2001   Joined A.T. Kearney
Jun 2004   Joined DI
Nov 2004   Manager, DI
Oct 2009   Corporate Officer, DI (current)
Jun 2019   Director, DI (current)
(Apr 28, 1973)
Apr 1996   Joined Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund (current Japan Bank for International Cooperation)
May 2000   Master of Public Administration, the University of Michigan
Oct 2005   Joined DI
Aug 2007   Manager, DI
Oct 2009    Managing Director of the Asia Division, DI
Oct 2012   Corporate Officer, DI (current)
Jun 2019   Director, DI (current)


4. Effective date of change (tentative)
June 29, 2020