Invested in Slogan, Inc., a Recruitment Support Service Provider for Startups

― 新産業におけるHR領域でのインキュベーションを加速 ―

April 24, 2019

Invested in Slogan, Inc., a Recruitment Support Service Provider for Startups
Accelerate incubation in the HR field of new industries


Dream Incubator Inc. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Takayoshi Yamakawa, President and Representative Director; hereinafter “DI”) hereby announces that it has invested in Slogan, Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo; Yutaka Ito, CEO; hereinafter “Slogan”).



With its mainstay business in supplying talent to new industries, Slogan provides tailored support for hiring of new graduates, mid-career recruits, and interns.

Slogan’s new graduate recruitment service Goodfind provides a platform that serves as a bridge between academically advanced students from highly competitive schools with companies in new industries, mainly startups with growth potential. Further, in April 2017, Slogan launched a community media site FastGrow to support innovative talent. As such, Slogan has been working to expand activities that can contribute to creating an innovation ecosystem in new and innovative industries.

Leveraging its expertise and network in Japan and overseas, DI will incubate Slogan. Further, DI looks to support entrepreneurial endeavors of highly motivated individuals aiming to start their own business or take part in a startup.

From right: Shintaro Kawano, Masato Nihira, and Yusuke Nishikawa of Slogan, Shinichi Saijo (XTech Ventures), Yutaka Ito (Slogan), Takamitsu Miyaso (DI), Retsu Fujisawa (RCF), Kota Yasuoka (XTech Ventures), and Hironori Kitagawa (Slogan)

Comments from representatives of investing companies

Yutaka Ito, CEO of Slogan

“Through cooperating with XTech Ventures known for its extensive expertise and network in the field of startups and entrepreneurs and DI’s incubation business, we aim to strengthen our efforts in creating new industries and building an innovation ecosystem.”


Shinichi Saijo, Cofounder of XTech Ventures

“To build an ecosystem that can lead to creation of new industries, fluid labor supply and optimal talent matching are extremely important. We are thrilled to have Slogan join us in our endeavor to create new industries.”


Retsu Fujisawa, Representative Director of RCF

“While there is demand for increased workforce productivity with an eye to driving economic development in Japan, supplying labor to new industries not only in Tokyo but also in other cities throughout the nation is becoming increasingly important. Under such circumstances, we intend to strengthen our alliances with the government, local municipalities, universities, and other organizations as a joint initiative with Slogan aimed at increasing labor market fluidity by seamlessly moving workers to new industries in each city.”


■ About Slogan, Inc.

Representative Yutaka Ito, CEO
Address Daiichi-Hoki Honsha Building, 3F, 2-11-17 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Date established October 24, 2005
Business Provides various services centered on recruitment support for new industries (growth industries)


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