Invested in Cocktail Make, an Operator of the SaaS Video Creation Tool RICHKA


May 14, 2019

Invested in Cocktail Make, an Operator of
the SaaS Video Creation Tool RICHKA

Accelerate growth of video creation technology infrastructure with
an eye toward 5G


Dream Incubator Inc. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Takayoshi Yamakawa, President and Representative Director; hereinafter “DI”) hereby announces that it has invested in Cocktail Make, Inc. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Yukiharu Matsuo, CEO; hereinafter “Cocktail Make”), a provider of RICHKA—SaaS that automatically creates video ads—in a Series A funding round. RICHKA leads the industry in the number of companies that have adopted the tool in Japan.*



Amidst the widespread of mobile devices and anticipated commercialization of 5G (the 5th generation mobile communication system), it is expected that a diverse array of content will increasingly be delivered using videos, which serve as a more enriched, dynamic way to transmit information than other medium.

With over several hundred formats to choose from, RICHKA utilizes AI-powered creation support to create effective ad videos within several minutes without requiring users to have specialized knowledge. Since its release in October 2017, over 200 companies—mainly ad agencies, media publishers, and SNS operators—have adopted the tool, and over 5,000 videos are being created monthly.

Going forward, DI will support business development of Cocktail Make and accelerate its growth. In doing so, DI intends to help Cocktail Make provide services in which anyone can simply create highly effective videos at low cost in response to increasing demand for creative videos. Further, DI will continue to support and invest in promising startup companies with potential to transform society, including those in seed stages.

*Number of companies that have adopted a video creation tool designed for corporate use.


■ About Cocktail Make, Inc.
Established October 2014
Capital 268.3 million yen (including capital reserve)
Business Planning, development, and operation of the video creation tool RICHKA

For more details about the funds raised, please see the press release published by Cocktail Make (Japanese only) .

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