Executive Officer

Masaaki Tashiro

Masaaki Tashiro holds a bachelor’s degree from the Department of Social Engineering of Tokyo Institute of Technology. He joined DI as a new graduate after receiving his MA from the Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

  • From his experience researching urban social issues as a student, he joined DI immediately after graduation with the aim of solving social problems with business structures.
  • In his more than ten years at DI, he has engaged in numerous projects in a variety of industries, including automotive, telecommunications, IT, electronics, and general trading houses. Those projects have included growth strategy proposals and the launch of new, cross-industry businesses and organizations.
  • In particular, in the Industry Producing , which aims to solve social problems in collaboration with the government and major corporations, he has dedicated himself to supporting the execution of projects in numerous domains, including energy, agriculture, and healthcare, from development of the vision and strategy establishments to social demonstration and implementation.
  • Masaaki also worked at DI Vietnam for three and a half years, where he was involved in the development of strategies for Japanese companies seeking to expand into Southeast Asia, and proposals for infrastructure and industry policies in collaboration with the Vietnamese government and the Japanese government. He also gained experience in investments in local companies and had served as an outside director.
  • In recent years, he has concentrated his efforts on the Business Producing , with a focus on the construction of new business models and organizational reforms with increasing the value of