Executive Officer,Corporate Advisory Team

Masami Hamada

Masami Hamada is a graduate of The University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Economics.
His experience prior to joining DI includes working for The Tokai Bank, Ltd. – UFJ Bank (now MUFG Bank, Ltd ), an operating company, and a securities company.

  • At The Tokai Bank, Ltd. – UFJ Bank, he was involved in numerous corporate financing projects, including the revitalization of large borrowers, and M&As, as well as MBO finance and the launch of a real estate liquidation/securitization
  • At the operating company he worked for, he served as director in charge of corporate planning and business strategy, reviewed the company’s business portfolio and led the turnaround of group companies.
  • At DI, he not only assists in executing M&As, but also provides support aimed at making those M&As a success.
  • With his extensive experience in both operating and finance companies, he has a deep knowledge of the pitfalls that Japanese companies tend to fall into when engaging in M&As overseas, and advises them on how to avoid those pitfalls.
  • In actual negotiations, he proposes optimal negotiation strategies based on intelligence and experience, and provides extensive support right up to execution.
  • Where necessary, he serves as an instructor in “practical” M&A training for executives and middle management of listed companies, with a focus on case studies.