Executive Officer

Makoto Miyauchi

Makoto Miyauchi holds a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Economics of The University of Tokyo and an MBA from the New York University Stern School of Business.He worked at Sojitz Corporation before joining DI.

  • At Sojitz, he worked on trading and marketing of various products to ASEAN markets, and marketing and SCM development for consumer goods in Japan.
  • At DI’s Tokyo head office, he was mainly involved in new business and growth strategy development for major corporations, medium to long-term vision development, overseas expansion strategy development and execution support, and industry production activities aimed at creating next-generation industries for Japan, in collaboration with government agencies and multiple private-sector firms.
  • In his current posting to DI Vietnam, he is pressing forward with the production of new businesses and the development of social systems for emerging economies, through public-private collaborations between Japan and Vietnam, with a focus on industries experiencing a sudden upsurge in domestic demand (agriculture, food value chain, healthcare, and consumer goods, etc.). His duties are wide-reaching, including the provision of strategic consulting and M&A advisory services for the Vietnamese government and for large Japanese and Vietnamese companies, and expanding DI’s own business foundations in ASEAN. Lately, his personal slogan is “Made in Vietnam with Japan for ASEAN.”