Executive Officer

Kazutoshi Numata

Kazutoshi Numata holds a bachelor’s degree from the Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Yokohama City University and completed graduate work at the Graduate School of Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba.

Prior to joining DI, he worked for Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

  • At Nomura Research Institute, he assisted in the development and execution of growth strategies and sales and marketing strategies for many major companies in the consumer goods, mail-order, food, automotive, energy, and finance sectors.
  • At DI, he is engaged in the development of growth strategies and new business strategies for major companies and startups in fields such as telecommunications, cosmetics, food, entertainment, finance, automotive, agricultural machinery, and energy. He is also actively engaged in business production, which involves bringing multiple major corporations and startups together to collaborate to launch new businesses.
  • He is serving concurrently as Representative Director, COO at DI Asia, which is part of the DI group, where he is working on building data and intelligence platforms with a focus on Southeast Asia.
  • His goal is to embody the image of a business producer who is not confined by the domain of consulting.