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Since its inauguration, the raison d’être of Dream Incubator (DI) remains unchanged—vitalize Japan.  DI works not only to develop services for client companies, but also to produce businesses that transform society and infuse energy into the Japanese economy.  DI achieves this by combining strategic consulting skills—the most universal, valuable, and fundamental skills in the business sphere—with managerial abilities honed by a pragmatic and ownership-spirited mindset fostered through our incubation initiatives.


Strategy consulting

DI has offered strategy consulting services to major companies and other members of the corporate community ever since its founding, focusing primarily on developing growth strategies, new business strategies, and other projects designed to create and foster business. Our strategy consulting efforts build around the goals of addressing social issues through business development, forging cross-industrial connections among players and governments, and designing architectures within the overall business ecosystem to deliver results that go beyond what clients can do on their own.
Through our strategy consulting business, we transcend the scope of conventional management to operate from a social and industrial perspective—a standpoint that enables us to identify and invest in businesses with even stronger growth potential.

《What we offer》
  • Business production support (creating businesses that can lead the way for coming generations)
  • Business strategy/growth strategy development support
  • M&A support/Executive development support
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DI invests in and incubates startups and fast-growing companies that could bring innovation and change the world, via principal investments, fund investments, and business management within its own group.

Through its incubation service, DI develops its managerial abilities honed by a pragmatic and ownership-spirited mindset fostered on-site, and builds global networks of leading entrepreneurs and capitalists, allowing DI to deliver high-level consulting proposals with strong effectiveness and feasibility.

《What we offer》
  • Funding support
  • Growth strategy implementation support
  • Management base development support