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Characteristics of DI’ M&A Support Services

Characteristics of DI’ M&A Support Services

DI offers M&A advisory services mainly to Japanese companies both on cross-border transactions and domestic transactions. Characteristics of our services are:

1. Well-established deal flow of cross-border M&A opportunities in Asian region, especially in India
・Not only introducing M&A opportunities from overseas, DI actively look for potential target companies based on explicit request by its clients.

2. Rich experience in BPO segments in Japan
・We provide solutions enabling client companies to streamline their administrative processing work by introducing experienced partner.

・We also provide the planning/implementation support of total cost-reduction plans, as well as the development of monitoring system in cooperation with our Consulting Service.

3. Services beyond M&A deal support
・Although the goal of M&A tends to be regarded as the closing of M&A deals, we have a seamless support system to lead M&A transaction to a real success in cooperation with DI’s Consulting Service and Leadership Development Support Service.

Strengths of DI's M&A Support Services
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