DI Investment in India’s Leading Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin Company, Unocoin Technologies Private Limited — Accelerating investment in India’s fintech sector —

Dream Incubator Inc. (“DI”) announced its investment in India’s leading blockchain technology and bitcoin company, Unocoin Technologies Private Limited* (“Unocoin”).

Virtual currency, centered on bitcoin, is gradually being institutionalized in various countries including Japan and rapidly spreading as a means of asset holding and settlement. In India, too, given the instability of local currency, virtual currency has attracted attention as a new means of asset holding, following gold, and is expected to become popular.

Unocoin deals, based on its own blockchain technology, with bitcoin (the main virtual currency) and is the leading Indian bitcoin company in terms of both number of active users and transaction volume.

Prominent investment funds such as Blume Ventures and Digital Currency Group are also its investors.

With this investment, DI intends to accelerate its investment in India’s technology sector including fintech.


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Dream Incubator Inc. (TYO: 4310), “the Business Producing Company”, is a strategic consulting and business development firm primarily for corporate clients and governmental institutions. Dream Incubator provides both capital and professional services to next-generation companies to support their growth and expansion, while also operating its own businesses.

< Reference: DI’s past investment in India >

・February 2016 Investment in Indian VC firm – Blume Ventures’ fund

・January 2017 Investment in India’s Leading Mobile Gaming Company, 99Games



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