Hironori Suga

Hironori Suga graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology’s Department of Social Engineering and obtained MA from the Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

He worked for Hakuhodo/Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc. as a marketing manager prior to joining DI.

  • At Hakuhodo/Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, as a expert in direct marketing and data marketing, he conducted a wide range of marketing and media planning work for companies, media companies, and content holders, and then experienced venture investment work at Venture Capital of subsidiary.
  • After that, he moved to the Corporate Planning Department and was engaged in promotion of external alliance strategy through capital and business alliance with listed companies and reorganization of group companies.
  • At DI, he belongs to the Incubation Division, discovers companies with growth potential and provides hands-on support to investee companies.

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