Senior Manager,Incubation

Shutaro Kamezawa

Shutaro Kamezawa graduated from the Faculty of Science and Engineering of Chuo University.
Prior to joining DI, he worked for SGI Japan, Ltd. Information Services International-Dentsu, Inc., Dell Inc., and Recruit Technologies Co., Ltd.

  • He has taken the lead in many diverse projects in the IT divisions of investee companies, from designing the architecture of new businesses, improving existing services, cost reductions, and restructuring of the IT division to systems development, installation, enhancement, and migration to cloud services.
  • He has acted as engineer, architect, and project manager on many large-scale systems development projects in a range of industries.
  • He also has extensive experience as a coordinator for entire projects, coordinating between the stakeholders, including between the operational divisions and the systems divisions, and between the client company and IT vendors.
  • With his dual perspectives of an operating company and a technology vendor, and with broad, deep technological skills, he strives to provide optimal solutions for the design of businesses and services and problem-solving, and ultimately to help his clients achieve their business objectives.

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