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October 18, 2016

DI held the Japan-China Film & Drama Contents Industry Conference 2016
—Accelerating Business Production in Entertainment Areas Bridging Japan and China—

We report that, through Dream Incubator (Shanghai) Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “DI Shanghai”), Dream Incubator Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “DI”) organized and held the Japan-China Film & Drama Contents Industry Conference on October 11, 2016, in conjunction with Kainichi Entertainment Inc. and Shanghai Huayan Culture Art Co., Ltd. This event was supported by Japan Content Localization and Promotional Support Grants (JLOP)* and related organizations in both countries. On the day of the exchange meeting, lively exchanges took place amongst 46 businesses related to Japan-China film and content.

*Japan Content Localization and Promotional Support Grants were utilized under the supplementary budget for FY 2015 and are subsidies provided to businesses carrying out localization and promotion activities necessary for expanding local content overseas.


Framework for the Japan-China Film & Drama Contents Industry Conference


In addition, during the conference plans for the staging of theatrical performances of Hashire! Sayuri-chan (Run, Sayuri)—a popular Nippon Television Internet drama— in the spring of 2017 and the release of City Hunter at or after the end of 2018 were announced as concrete Japan-China projects that are currently in the works. The meeting also welcomed the Executive Producer of the Chinese version of City Hunter, Stanley Tong, and leading actor Huang Xiaoming, with more than 50 media organizations also gathered at the venue, and the meeting was a resounding success.


Reference: Panels used during the exchange meeting.
Reference: DI Shanghai Managing Director, Shunsuke Itadani, introducing DI. (L), City Hunter release announcement (R)

Continuing on from last year’s Japan-China Game Industry Assembly 2015, DI took on the task of organizing the entire event this year as well, and we believe that the relationships that we have carefully built up with government agencies in both countries and related enterprises have borne fruit.

By linking together entertainment markets in China and other Asian countries, which are expanding at a rapid pace, and the Japanese entertainment industry, which has IP and content strength, we will continue to accelerate business production bridging Japan and China/other Asian countries, thereby contributing to the invigoration of the Japan-China contents industry, as well as advertising, investment, inbound tourism, and other peripheral industries.


■Overview of the Conference

Date: October, 11,2016 , 17:00-
 Venue: Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai
Promoter:  Japan-China Film & Drama Contents Industry Conference Executive Committee
・Managing: Dream Incubator, DI Shanghai

・Planning: Kainichi Entertainment Inc., Shanghai Huayan Culture Art Co., ltd.

Cooperator: Shanghai Theatre Academy
 Operator: Shanghai Sea & Sun Global Creative Co., Ltd.
 Supporter: Japan Content Localization and Promotional Support Grants(JLOP),

Consulate-General of Japan in Shanghai, JETRO Shanghai,

China Shanghai International Festival RAW (Rising Artists’ Works) Committee

Purpose: 1) Contribute to the development of the Japan-China contents industry through the expansion of exchange meetings for Japan-China stakeholders (publishers/producers/distributors/investors/government agencies) , coordination and support of actual projects
2) Invigorate peripheral industries through sponsors/product placement

Reference: Investment in Media and Telecommunications (“TMT”)


Reference: Past collaborations between Legend Capital and DI

  • Cars(神州租车): China’s largest rental car chain
  • Rock Mobile(滚石移動): Manages music copyrights in China
  • Pony Media(大麦): China’s largest online ticket retailer
  • Zepp: Largest manufacturer of sports-related IoT devices in North America/China


Reference: Past collaborations between DFR Asia and DI

  • Yooya(娱亚互动): Management marketing of the online animation in Chaina


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