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March 28, 2019

Investment in Sekhmet Technologies, a Clinical Intelligence and
Real World Evidence Platform in India

Dream Incubator Inc. (hereinafter “DI”) hereby announces a joint investment in India-based Sekhmet Technologies (brand name: THB, which stands for Technology | Healthcare | Big Data Analytics) through the DI India Digital Fund which DI manages as a general partner.

THB is a clinical intelligence platform offering Clinical CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Real World Evidence solutions to healthcare providers, medical institutions and pharma & life sciences. This is the 16th investment in India for DI.

Driven by economic growth, the healthcare services market in India has expanded rapidly (CAGR of 25%, expected to reach USD220 billion in value by 2020). Against this backdrop, the combination of a mandate requiring electronic health records introduced in 2012, moderately regulated personal information protection and national health insurance policies largely dependent on out-of-pocket expenses has led to the emergence of healthcare tech businesses and companies that generate and analyze medical data.

In such a market environment, Sekhmet Technologies provides Clinical CRM and Real World Evidence solutions for medical institutions and realizes full potential clinical and commercial value from their datasets for the entire healthcare ecosystem.

By taking advantage of its pan-India network across 50+ cities and the experience of processing terabytes of clinical data, which far surpasses that of competitors both in quantity and quality, Sekhmet Technologies plans to accelerate expansion both domestically and overseas.


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Dream Incubator Inc. (TYO: 4310), “The Business Producing Company”, supports the creation and growth of new businesses and industries through providing professional services like strategy consulting and business development support to its clients, business investment in its group companies and venture capital investment in startups. DI has invested in 160 startups in total, of which 28 have realized IPOs. Since 2015, DI has invested in 16 startups in India.


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