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December 17, 2014

  Launch of “Robotics Group”
Dream Incubator accelerates its “Business Producing” in the robotics field


Dream Incubator Inc. has formally established its “Robotics Group” to implement one of the firm’s primary focus areas of “Business Producing”.

Dream Incubator possesses deep knowledge in technology including areas in automobile, electrics, medical treatment, IT, digital media and space.

The core members of Robotics Group are Ryozo Yamamoto, Hidetaka Aoki, and Daisuke Kanda.

Dream Incubator has been focusing on the robotics field and has already invested in promising companies like ZMP Inc.

Through this formation, Dream Incubator will accelerate consulting, investment, and incubation and development of “Business Producing” in the robotics field.

About Dream Incubator Inc.
Dream Incubator Inc. (TYO: 4310), “the business producing company”, is a strategic consulting and business development firm primarily for corporate clients and governmental institutions.Dream Incubator provides both capital and professional services to next-generation companies to support their growth and expansion, while also operating their own businesses as well.




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