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December 2, 2014


Dream Incubator makes an additional investment in Office Crescendo Inc.
DI, KADOKAWA CORPORATION, and others acquire stock


Dream Incubator Inc. has made an additional investment in Office Crescendo Inc., a Dream Incubator-backed TV drama and film production company.

The capital increase also includes a contribution from KADOKAWA CORPORATION, a new investor in the company (with an investment ratio of 8.57%).

By working with investment targets and fueling further growth,Dream Incubator will accelerate its “Business Produce” in the digital media industry as one of the high-priority fields of DI.


■About  Office Crescendo Inc.
Office Crescendo Inc. is a production company that creates TV dramas, films, and more. Home to renowned directors like Yukihiko Tsutsumi, Hitoshi One, and Yuichiro Hirakawa, Office Crescendo has produced an impressive catalog of popular works that includes TRICK, SPEC, 20th Century Boys, Moteki, and Tsunagu.



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