Pratama Hendry


Pratama Hendry

Exploring Southeast Asia with a “superteam”

I believe that any idea is worth sharing, discussing, and doing; that is how we produce opportunities.

Indonesia – a country with a growing middle-class population one of the fastest-growing economies the most dynamic region on earth, and the most pro-Japanese nation in the world – is a land of massive opportunities, challenges, and learning. I was lucky enough to spend the first four years after college with NESTLE, the largest food and beverage company in the world. The experiences I gained in several commercial functions made me understand the consumers, markets, and opportunity framework in Indonesia. However, I did not want to limit myself to Indonesia; Southeast Asia was what I had always aimed for as my next step. Indeed, DI has opened my eyes to many more fascinating spectrums in the region.

I’m getting to explore business opportunities in the areas of consulting, merger & acquisition (M&A) advisory, and entrepreneurship. In addition to developing my skills in consumer goods, I have been able to learn even from other sectors like healthcare and manufacturing, as well as from cross-border M&A activities between Japan and some Southeast Asian countries. The most exciting experience I have now is sharing ideas and development with my colleagues in Tokyo – some of the brightest minds around. As a firm believer in the idea that the “superteam” is more valuable than the “superstar,” I always seek to learn and improve those processes as part of DI Singapore.

My immediate challenge is to identify opportunities and deploy business in the online sector across Southeast Asia region together with the Internet Mobile Content (IMC) team and the Consumer Goods team from the Tokyo office. The markets are seeing tremendous growth in online business, so I believe that synergizing them with the advanced experience Japan has in the fields of content and mobile space will eventually produce strong business.

As much as I’m passionate about learning new things, I would also love to keep sharing and discussing ideas with more people – after all, any idea is worth sharing and discussing. Let’s produce opportunities together.