Sujit Kunte


Sujit Kunte

Business Producing across borders

Since I was 13, I have been very interested in Japanese animation and the Japanese language. When I got the opportunity to learn the language formally in Mumbai after my undergraduate studies, I did not look back. I was associated with Japan right from my first project at Lehman Brothers, and my business trips to Tokyo were my first international work experience. Learning from a developed industry and financial market and improving my Japanese skills were the two key drivers behind my move to Tokyo.
My time in Tokyo brought me closer to Japanese businesses across various sectors. I established close friendships with people even outside work. My comparative understanding of the Japanese and Indian cultures broadened my perspective and helped me grow as a person.
Thus, when I got the opportunity to join DI after completing my MBA studies, the role was a perfect fit – working in Singapore for a company headquartered in Japan with a regional focus on India and Southeast Asia. My initial impression of DI was that of a pure strategy consulting company. However, I now realize that the term “The Business Producing Company” is indeed a more appropriate description. DI’s goal is creating new and successful businesses for its clients, and its strategy consulting, M&A advisory, and direct business operation efforts are the powerful tools in achieving that vision.
With DI’s clients expanding into Asia, Singapore has become an important regional headquarters. The Singapore office enables me to work on the front lines of this expansion. In my role, I undertake strategic advisory and M&A activities in industries like manufacturing, environment/energy, healthcare, and internet/mobile/content, mainly in India. The flexibility that DI gives me to work across both the consulting and M&A realms is an extraordinarily strong motivator.
People, without a doubt, are DI’s greatest asset. DI has a flat organizational structure, and I am amazed by the access I have to senior managers and peers in Tokyo and other offices. It is a privilege to work with such brilliant and highly motivated team members who are constantly coming up with creative solutions to the toughest business problems. Moreover, many of them share my interest in the “Cool Japan” culture, which makes socializing with them outside of work even more of a joy.
Serving as bridges between Japan and Asia, DI’s international offices work to solve local social challenges through innovative business models – a core tenet of business producing. In all my future endeavors, I look forward to being an agent of change in whatever capacity I can.