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<Strategic Consulting Division>

Masaaki Tashiro  – Senior Manager

Masaaki Tashiro

Masaaki Tashiro holds a bachelor’s degree from the Department of Social Engineering of Tokyo Institute of Technology. He joined DI as a new graduate after receiving his MA from the Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

  • From his experience researching urban social issues as a student, he joined DI immediately after graduation with the aim of solving social problems with business structures.
  • In his more than ten years at DI, he has engaged in numerous projects in a variety of industries, including automotive, telecommunications, IT, electronics, and general trading houses. Those projects have included growth strategy proposals and the launch of new, cross-industry businesses and organizations.
  • In particular, in the Industry Producing , which aims to solve social problems in collaboration with the government and major corporations, he has dedicated himself to supporting the execution of projects in numerous domains, including energy, agriculture,  and healthcare, from development of the vision and strategy establishments to social demonstration and implementation.
  • Masaaki also worked at DI Vietnam for three and a half years, where he was involved in the development of strategies for Japanese companies seeking to expand into Southeast Asia, and proposals for infrastructure and industry policies in collaboration with the Vietnamese government and the Japanese government. He also gained experience in investments in local companies and had served as an outside director.
  • In recent years, he has concentrated his efforts on the Business Producing , with a focus on the construction of new business models and organizational reforms with increasing the value of software.

Masayuki Iwamoto – Senior Manager

Masayuki Iwamoto

Masayuki Iwamoto graduated from Kyoto University’s Faculty of Science and completed his graduate studies in the Division of Mathematical Sciences at Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Science.
He joined DI after working for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

  • At METI, Masayuki worked on the production of the Trade White Paper and the revision of legislation relevant to the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law. He was also temporarily assigned to the Cabinet Office, where he worked on economic measures and government economic forecasts.
  • At DI, he works with leading companies in a diverse range of industries, from manufacturing to the service industry. The projects he is engaged in vary widely, from aggressive projects aimed at creating new businesses, such as new business proposals, the consideration of business strategies and long-term scenarios, and reforms of business structures and operations, to projects aimed at consolidating a foothold, such as reforms of existing businesses and operational processes.
  • In recent years, he has been concentrating his effort on the creation of new businesses and business models with a focus on technology, particularly the high-tech, IT, and telecommunications industries.

Tsuyoshi Kaneko – Manager

Tsuyoshi Kaneko obtained his bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Engineering of The University of Tokyo. He joined DI as a new graduate after completing his graduate studies at the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics of The University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Engineering.

  • He joined DI immediately after completing graduate school when, in the course of his research into space-related technology, DI’s vision of connecting technology, business and society to solve social issues struck a chord with him.
  • At DI, he has experienced projects in new business strategy development and organizational reform in R&D and research organizations, primarily in manufacturing industries such as automotive, systems integrators, electronics, telecommunications, and infrastructure.
  • In the business production area, meanwhile, he assisted with project management for Toyota City’s next-generation energy and social system demonstration project, and engaged in policy collaboration activities aimed at the popularization of next-generation vehicles.
  • His focus in recent years has been on new business proposals and business feasibility assessment based on technological perspectives. He provides comprehensive support, ranging from understanding user needs and ascertaining the superiority of the technology to proposing business concepts and R&D strategies.

Atsushi Nishimura – Manager

西村 篤史

At DI, he works on projects such as growth strategy development, and proposing and executing new businesses for major corporations in industries such as consumer goods, industrial machinery, general trading houses, and automotive components.
In the area of new business, he is engaged in seeking out and creating business opportunities through collaborations with local governments and startups, based on social issues such as declining birth rates and aging populations.
In recent years, he has concentrated his efforts on projects that focus on organizations for creating new businesses, such as internal organizational reform and establishment of new companies. He provides clients with comprehensive support from conceptualization through execution.
He also has experience in the incubation of startups that have benefited from DI investment.
Prior to joining DI, he worked at Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance, where he worked in sales to major corporations and internal operational reforms.
He holds a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi University.

Hideaki Hashimoto – Manager

Hideaki formulates new business and management strategies, as well as provides execution support for clients in the electronics, environmental energy, communications, and consumer goods industries. His experience covers new business strategies based on both social issues and advanced technology, along with the search for business opportunities through open innovation. He also supports the content preparation and facilitation of the “CTO 30 Conference” (organized by Nikkei BP) where next-generation CTOs gather and hold discussions.
Prior to DI, Hideaki worked at NTT, focusing on the research and development of energy management with data utilization in the R&D department and joint research with Rocky Mountain Institute.
Hideaki obtains a master’s degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology in Control Engineering.


<Incubation Division>

Katsuhiko Handa – Senior Manager

Katsuhiko  belongs to the Incubation (investment) Division, where he conducts investment work in the media, contents, and entertainment spaces and provides hands-on support to investee companies.

Currently, as COO and CMO of Boardwalk Inc., one of DI’s investee companies, he is working on the e-ticket business for live entertainment.

In April 2018, he launched an in-house organization, DI DIGITAL, which provides marketing consulting and digital business investment services.

He joined DI after working for HAKUHODO Inc. and Hakuhodo DY media partners.

At HAKUHODO and Hakuhodo DY media partners, he worked on production in the media contents domain and on business development. He launched F1 Media (now W TOKYO), which runs the Tokyo Girls Collection fashion event, from within the company and assumed the position of President and CEO. He also served as a director of Hakuhodo DY outdoor.

He obtained his bachelor’s degree from Chuo University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering.

He also holds an Executive MBA from Keio University Business School.

Satoshi Koyama-Senior Manager


Satoshi Koyama graduated from the Faculty of Electro-Communications of the University of Electro-Communications. He is also a Certified Public Accountant in Japan.
Prior to joining DI, he worked for YUSEI Audit & Co.

  • At YUSEI Audit & Co., in addition to working on statutory audits, primarily of listed companies, he also engaged in financial due diligence operations and assisted startups with preparations to list their shares on the stock exchange.
  • At DI, as leader of the business administration group, he oversees all aspects of business administration operations and is involved in the development of group management systems.
  • Currently, he is concentrating his efforts on supporting the growth of investee companies, based on his specialist knowledge and practical experience in the accounting and management fields, as part of the investment incubation team.
  • Recently, he has been imagining how professional occupations will be transformed by the evolution of AI, and looks forward to what the future holds in store.

services and his own experiences of corporate management, he aims to contribute to corporate growth.

Shutaro Kamezawa – Manager

Shutaro Kamezawa graduated from the Faculty of Science and Engineering of Chuo University.
Prior to joining DI, he worked for SGI Japan, Ltd. Information Services International-Dentsu, Inc., Dell Inc., and Recruit Technologies Co., Ltd.

  • He has taken the lead in many diverse projects in the IT divisions of investee companies, from designing the architecture of new businesses, improving existing services, cost reductions, and restructuring of the IT division to systems development, installation, enhancement, and migration to cloud services.
  • He has acted as engineer, architect, and project manager on many large-scale systems development projects in a range of industries.
  • He also has extensive experience as a coordinator for entire projects, coordinating between the stakeholders, including between the operational divisions and the systems divisions, and between the client company and IT vendors.
  • With his dual perspectives of an operating company and a technology vendor, and with broad, deep technological skills, he strives to provide optimal solutions for the design of businesses and services and problem-solving, and ultimately to help his clients achieve their business objectives.


<Private Capital Group>

Katsunari Matsui – Executive Director, Private Capital Group

At DI, Katsunari Matsui participated in the launch of DI’s FA (Financial Advisory) service in 2012.DI’s FA business currently provides deal advisory services for cross-border M&A projects for major Japanese corporations as well as fundraising advisory services for international startups.

  • In particular, he focuses on advising international startup entrepreneurs and major Japanese corporations that are taking on the challenge of innovation in global markets.
    – DI’s founding philosophy is “to create 100 Sonys and Hondas.”
  • The team’s policy is that the goal of M&A and fundraising advisory services are not to “close the deal,” but to “make the business a success.”
  • He is particularly motivated in propelling forward “digitalization” of traditional industries by M&As (from real to internet, from internet to real), an area in which Japanese large corporates tend to lag behind.

Before joining DI, he worked for SBI Investment (formerly Softbank Investment), that managed more than USD 1.4B venture capital funds, as investment manager for cross-border growth investment in international startups.
Prior to that, he gained experience in financial analysis and operational reform of Aflac, the Fortune 500 financial institution, listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
A graduate of Keio University’s Faculty of Law (Department of Law), and a Certified Public Accountant in the United States.


<Corporate Advisory Group>

Go Takeuchi – Director, Corporate Advisory Group

Go Has been working in the financial industry for  more than 10 years, with specific focus on M&A advisory and corporate finance. At DI, primary engaged in cross-border M&A advisory

Prior to DI, worked for YAMADA FAS and AXA Life Insurance. At YAMADA FAS, worked in M&A advisory team and engaged in origination and execution of small-mid cap M&A deals as a senior consultant.  At AXA Life Insurance, worked mainly on capital management and FP&A,

Some of prior experiences were  as below.


  • Sell-side advisor of PE firm for their exit of existing investment
  • Sell-side advisor of automobile parts manufacturing company for their alliance with industry’s peer

Corporate Finance

  • Execution of corporate reorganization for optimizing capital structure of AXA Japan
  • Calculate and analyze European Embedded Value, international and local Solvency coverage ratio of AXA Life Insurance


<Organization & Leadership Development Practice Group>

Shunsuke Hosaka – Manager, Organization & Leadership Development Practice Group

Shunsuke Hosaka

Shunsuke Hosaka helps DI’s clients develop “business producers” or cultivate entrepreneurial leadership within the organization. As a leader responsible for Organizational and Human Resource Practice, Shunsuke’s client work involves helping (1) future leaders to adopt management skill and mindset, (2) intrapreneurs to find new innovative business model, and (3) organizations to create innovative culture.
Shunsuke’s experience at DI includes support for formulating marketing strategies, helping to build overseas alliances, launching new businesses, for clients in energy, automotive, manufacture, finance, and trading companies.
Prior to joining DI, Shunsuke worked for Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC). He worked on loans for infrastructure projects in Asia and the Middle East in which Japanese companies were involved, and on debt restructuring for the governments of developing countries. He served as the representative of the bank’s Washington DC office, and later worked on organizational management planning.
Shunsuke received a BA in Political Science from Keio University, and MS in International Affairs from the Florida States University. He is an authorized executive coach.


International/Group Companies

Makoto Miyauchi – Senior Manager/Representative Director, CEO, DI Asia Inc.

Makoto MiyauchiMakoto Miyauchi holds a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Economics of The University of Tokyo and an MBA from the New York University Stern School of Business.He worked at Sojitz Corporation before joining DI.

  • At Sojitz, he worked on trading and marketing of various products to ASEAN markets, and marketing and SCM development for consumer goods in Japan.
  • At DI’s Tokyo head office, he was mainly involved in new business and growth strategy development for major corporations, medium to long-term vision development, overseas expansion strategy development and execution support, and industry production activities aimed at creating next-generation industries for Japan, in collaboration with government agencies and multiple private-sector firms.
  • In his current posting to DI Vietnam, he is pressing forward with the production of new businesses and the development of social systems for emerging economies, through public-private collaborations between Japan and Vietnam, with a focus on industries experiencing a sudden upsurge in domestic demand (agriculture, food value chain, healthcare, and consumer goods, etc.). His duties are wide-reaching, including the provision of strategic consulting and M&A advisory services for the Vietnamese government and for large Japanese and Vietnamese companies, and expanding DI’s own business foundations in ASEAN. Lately, his personal slogan is “Made in Vietnam with Japan for ASEAN.”

Munehiko Eto – Senior Manager/Managing Director of DIAI India Pvt

Since 2015, Eto has led India operation and conducted investments in Indian Startups and supported Japanese companies looking to expand into India.
DI as a whole, Eto has provided support in a wide variety of areas such as new business strategy, international business development strategy, corporate strategy and implementation support for clients in energy, healthcare, electronics, financial, chemical and so on.
Prior to DI, Eto worked for the Japan Bank for International Cooperation, dealing with energy projects in Asia and being in charge of sovereign, corporate and project risk analysis. At PWC, he delivered financial advisory in infrastructure and healthcare spaces. He has entrepreneurial experience as a founder of a health care startup.
Eto holds a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Economics, The Keio University. He is fluent in English and Japanese.

Hideyuki Kato –  Director, DI Asia Inc.

Hideyuki Kato

Hideyuki assists major corporations in the internet, mobile and consumer goods fields with new business development strategy, international business development strategy and execution. He also provides support for venture companies in the internet, mobile fields with business plan development, new business development strategy and execution. Hideyuki holds a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo.