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DI utilizes internal and external resources to invest in and cultivate Japanese and non-Japanese startups and fast-growing companies willing to change the world.  Our incubation services offer a wide range of support stretching from providing financial investment and formulating growth strategies to expanding business through networking and building business ecosystems with larger enterprises.  DI combines its foresight, networking capabilities and managerial abilities—all of which are essential for incubation service—with strategic consulting perspectives and expertise to deliver professional service.

Features of DI’s incubation initiatives

Incubation service of DI, which roots its activities in business production, has three key features.

(1) Focus on areas undergoing transformative shifts DI concentrates its incubation projects on fields that transcend national and industrial borders and are poised to significantly innovate the world.  Recently, DI’s focus has been on industries such as digital media and artificial intelligence/robotics, and it has mainly invested in and cultivated projects in countries such as Japan, the United States and India.  Accordingly, DI has created networks and gathered expertise, developed well-honed views for growth potential and gained insights into changing business ecosystems—all of which are utilized in the DI’s strategy consulting business as well as in its own business management.
(2) Strong network of probing insight from around the world To catch the rumblings of transformative change and rapidly locate the initial flurries of innovation (rather than learning retrospectively), global networks with leading entrepreneurs and investors built on profound trust are necessary. DI has forged strategic partnerships with influential local venture capitalists not only in Japan, but also with the highly-disruptive arena of the United States, and major growth markets such as India and other parts of Asia, and jointly invests in and cultivates promising startups.
(3) Hands-on management support by experienced business producers The greatest value of DI’s incubation service is the involvement of its business producers, with extensive experience in strategic consulting for major companies and governments, and their commitments to produce growth, while providing hands-on supports leveraging DI’s internal and external resources.  DI occasionally takes majority stakes of selected companies, and directly develop and manage them as members of the DI group.

Core approach

DI invests in startup companies on both a domestic and international level, working with its global network of capable venture capital sources to nurture companies that have world-changing potential.

Major overseas investment partners

Through strategic partnerships, DI makes joint investments in local firms across the globe.



US investment bank/VC with a world-leading presence in the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) sectors



Major investment fund in the Legend Group
Top Chinese-capital company among “Chinaʼs Top 10 VC firms”



Leading Indian VC with investments in more than 60 companies
Ranked as “Indiaʼs Most Active Tech VC firm”

Recent IPO performance

As of Feb. 23, 2017, 25 DI-funded startups have gone public, with six companies making their way onto the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and one venture listing on Nasdaq (an American stock exchange).

RENOVA, Inc.RENOVA, Inc. Renewable energy power generation, Renewable energy power plant development and management 2017 Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers
Renet Japan Group, Inc.Renet Japan Group, Inc. Internet-Reuse business,Internet-Recycling business 2016 Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers
DLEDLE Inc. New character development
Marketing Services
Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers
The first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Rozetta Corp.Rozetta Corp. Automatic translator machine development and management 2015
Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers
UNIONCOMMUNITY CO., Ltd.UNIONCOMMUNITY CO., Ltd. Fingerprint identification system development and sales 2015
Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers
Mynet Inc.Mynet Inc. Smartphone Business 2015
Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers
Allied Architects, Inc.Allied Architects, Inc. Social Media Marketing 2013
Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers
Sanwa Company, Ltd.Sanwa Company, Ltd. Net sales of imported materials 2013
Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers
 Photocreate Co.,Ltd. Photocreate Co.,Ltd. Internet photo service 2013
Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers
IPO performance

Major group companies

DI has makes majority investments in growing companies, bringing the firms into the DI Group’s management and development structure.

DI Marketing Co.,Ltd.

DI Marketing Co.,Ltd.

ipet Insurance Co.,LTD

ipet Insurance Co.,LTD