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Vietnam Office

Company Name Dream Incubator Vietnam Joint Stock Company
Established November 2007
Managing Director Makoto Miyauchi
Business Investment and incubation in Vietnam
Consulting and execution support for Japanese companies
Staff 18 * As of March 31, 2017

  • Japanese: 2
  • Local: 16
Access L9-15, 9th Floor, Vincom Center, 72 Le Thanh Ton street, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam
Tel: +84-28-3827-8450

Characteristics/ Strengths

1. DI Asian Industrial Fund
DI Vietnam manages a 5.0 billion yen DI Asian Industrial Fund (DIAIF). The Fund invests in industries focusing on growing domestic demand in Vietnam, including such sectors as consumer goods manufacturers and retailers. We will help Japanese companies develop business in the booming Vietnam market by supporting the creation of alliance opportunities with local companies invested by DIAIF.

2. Business producing and consulting for Japanese and local companies
We provide consulting services to help Japanese companies enter into the Vietnam market. With our strong networks with central and regional governments in Vietnam as well as private companies, DI can support both Japanese and Vietnamese clients to develop industrial policy, alliance opportunities, as well as strategy-making.

3. M&A advisory
By making use of networks with more than 400 local companies established through DIAIF, we offer an high-quality M&A advisory service in cooperation with M&A Support Service Team in DI (Tokyo). DI is thoroughly familiar with the demands of local companies and M&A situations in Vietnam, as DI through DIAIF invests by itself in local companies.

4. Facebook marketing
Using Allied Architects’ “MONIPLA”, we have launched the first Facebook specific marketing service in Vietnam. Against a backdrop of increasing Facebook users in Vietnam, we help companies develop effective marketing geared towards a booming consumer market in Vietnam.

Characteristics/Strengths of DI Vietnam
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India Office

Company Name  DIAI India Private Limited (Homepage
Established September 2016
Managing Director Munehiko Eto

Advisory service to DI HQ and its affiliated companies

* DI HQ undertakes the following businesses in India

  • Investment in/incubation of Indian companies
  • Market entry consulting and execution support for Japanese companies
  • M&A advisory service


  • Japanese: 1
  • Local: 2

BHIVE Workspace, 9th Floor, Prestige Towers, Residency Road,Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore 560025, India
Tel: +91-91-67-068-040

Characteristics/ Strengths

1. Focus on high growth areas where DI’s strengths lie

  • TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunications)
  • Industrial goods
  • Healthcare

2. Investment in local startup companies

  • Co-investment in/nurturing promising local startups together with leading local VC funds
  • Creation of partnership opportunities between startup investees and Japanese companies

3. Strategy consulting/M&A execution support for Japanese companies

  • Support, right from market research/strategy creation to execution, as a “partner-propeller”
  • Network of leading local VC funds, M&A advisors and conglomerates
  • First-hand experience obtained from own local investments