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Koichi Hori – Director, Board Member Founder

Koichi Hori

Koichi worked at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for 19 years before founding Dream Incubator Inc. (DI) in 2000 and managed to demonstrate the most rapid growth among all worldwide offices during his last 11 years as the President of Japan office. He took leadership in formulating and proposing numerous business strategies, and providing implementation supports in areas such as sales/marketing, e-commerce and long-term strategies for various industries including financial, high-tech, consumer goods and leisure & amusement.
Koichi is known as the pioneer of the consulting industry in Japan and possesses strong and wide relationship in both business and political communities. His interest and activity goes beyond consulting and serves as the Chairman of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Fund Corporation for Innovation, Value-Chain and Expansion Japan. He is also the author of about 60 books in the areas of leadership, management, consulting, etc. and has also contributed many articles to leading newspapers and business magazines in Asian countries.
Koichi worked for Yomiuri Newspaper and Mitsubishi Corporation before joining BCG, and holds an MBA (first ever Japanese Baker Scholar) from Harvard Business School, a BA in Law from the University of Tokyo.


Takayoshi Yamakawa – President

Takayoshi Yamakawa

Takayoshi formulates business strategies and provides implementation support to numerous clients mainly in sectors of Hightech/IT, consumer goods and entertainment industry from a managerial standpoint. He also covers venture incubation sectors, and is involved in many venture companies’ projects and their IPOs.

Prior to joining DI, Takayoshi worked for BCG as a principal and also used to work for Yokogawa-Hewlett-Packard (now Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd.) as a R&D and system engineer. Takayoshi holds a master’s degree in Precision Engineering and BE in mechanical engineering from Kyoto University.


Tetsuro Harada – Director,Board Member

Tetsuro Harada

Prior to joining DI, he served with the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and later worked at Nippon Life Insurance.

He joined the JMSDF straight out of junior high school. After training for three years at the JMSDF base on Etajima Island, he decided that he wanted to contribute to the development of industry and returned to civilian life.

Learning that DI was to be established with the objective of incubating new businesses and new industries, he joined DI soon after it was founded. Since then, he has worked consistently to seek the true path of “incubation.” He provides strategic consulting and management training for major corporate clients in a range of industries, including IT, telecommunications, manufacturing, general trading, wholesale, retail, and construction, and is involved in start-up investment and incubation projects.

Tetsuro was graduated from the School of Economics of Kwansei Gakuin University and holds an MBA from the University of California, Berkley.

Takayuki Miyake – Director,Board Member

Takayuki Miyake

Takayuki Miyake graduated from Kyoto University’s Faculty of Engineering before going on to complete a Masters of Engineering in Systems Science from the Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University.
Before joining DI, he previously worked for Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and A.T. Kearney.

  • At METI, Takayuki was involved in the design of government programs for startup businesses and the development of international energy policy. He also worked on the development of diverse Ministry policies and ordinances, before moving into the consulting industry.
  • Deeply impressed by DI’s founding philosophy (creating 100 Sonys and Hondas), to help achieve that goal, he has established “industry producing” and “business producting” initiatives, the concept of which is to create large businesses out of social issues.
  • With his personal motto of constantly embracing new challenges, Takayuki specializes in creating businesses through large-scale cross-industry and cross-category tie-ups that involve numerous major corporations, startups, and government.
  • He has co-authored Business Produce Strategies for the Creation of a ¥300 Billion Business and Business Produce : The Road to Success (PHP Institute, Inc.)
  • He is a prolific lecturer and has also featured as an interviewer in Toyo Keizai Online’s Business Producer Biography Series.

Kyohei Hosono – Director,Board Member

Kyohei Hosono

Kyohei (Kay) Hosono graduated from the Faculty of Letters of The University of Tokyo. He studied abroad at St. Petersburg State University in Russia, and holds a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Michigan in the United States.

Prior to joining DI, he worked for the Japan Bank for International Cooperation.

  • Kyohei joined DI with the goal of “creating companies that are able to compete out in the world.”
    • He felt that DI was the only place where he could do battle from the dual fronts of consulting and venture investment.
  • Promoting DI’s Global Business
    • While working in Vietnam, Kyohei worked as a strategic consultant, as well as managing a ¥5 billion investment fund.
    • He is highly knowledgeable about business in the various Asian countries.
    • He also experienced to lead the turnaround of a listed Vietnamese company in which DI had invested.
  • Changing the world by “incubation”
    • Kyohei is currently in charge of investments across the whole of DI, and has expanded its global venture investments in Japan, the United States, and India.
    • He is leveraging investment to connect the cutting-edge technology of United States and Japan with the last frontier of India.


Tadashi Naka – Outside Director

Mr. Naka graduated from the Department of Urban Engineering (Ministry of Land infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) , The University of Tokyo and joined the Ministry of Construction in 1968 where he has appointed Deputy Director General and then became Director of Housing Bureau.
He retired to move on to work at the Urban Renaissance Agency where he became Vice President in 2003.
In 2004, Mr. Naka joined Center for Better Living as President and became Advisor from 2015.
In addition, he has also been working at the Organization for Housing Warranty as President from 2013, chairman from 2014, and Advisor from 2016. Mr. Naka joined DI as Outside Director in 2017.Mr. Naka joined DI as Outside Director and Foundation for Senior Citizens’ Housing as Chief Director in June 2017.


Akinori Uchida- Outside Director

Akinori Uchida is a graduate of the Faculty of Law of Keio University.

In 1983, he was registered as an Attorney-at-Law and joined Hirayama Law Office. He later joined Irei Law Office, before establishing his own firm, Shintoshi Sogo Law Office, in 1988, where he still works.

He joined the DI Board as an Outside Auditor in June 2000, resigning in 2001. He has been an Outside Auditor for DI since 2006  and an Outside Director since October 2017.


Soichiro Uno-Outside Director

Soichiro Uno is a graduate of the Faculty of Law of Hitotsubashi University.

He registered as an Attorney-at-Law in 1988 and joined the law firm of Nagashima & Ohno that same year. He became a partner of the firm, now Nagashima Ohno and Tsunematsu in 2000. While employed by the firm, he obtained an LLM at Harvard Law School and was admitted to the bar in the State of New York in 1993. From 1993 to 1994, he worked at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher in Los Angeles.

He has served as Outside Auditor for SoftBank Corp. (now SoftBank Group Corp.) since 2004, and Director (Audit & Supervisory Commiitte Member) for TERUMO CORPORATION since 2019.



Executive Officers

<Strategic Consulting Division>

Takaaki Takeuchi – Executive Officer

Takaaki Takeuchi

Takaaki provides a wide range of strategy consulting and business producing projects mainly in technology-related industries, such as environment/energy, electronics, automotive, media, telecommunications, and IT. Takaaki also leads “Industry Producing” initiative, cultivating new industries by fusing technology, strategy, and policy.
Prior to DI, Takaaki worked for UL Systems Inc., an IT venture, as a principal director. He also served as a project manager at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). He also used to work for the Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc.
Takaaki holds a BS from The University of Tokyo and an MS in Technology and Policy from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Takashi Shimazaki – Executive Officer

Takashi ShimazakiTakashi Shimazaki holds a bachelor’s degree from the Department of Industrial Management of Waseda University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering and an MBA from Keio University Business School.
Prior to joining DI, he worked for Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd.

  • Takashi joined DI in the belief that there was more value for Japanese companies in “creating new businesses” than in “fixing” existing businesses through efficiency improvements and optimization, which consulting has traditionally offered.
  • He has always pursued the questions of “What” (what to make into a business) and “How” (how to differentiate that business from others).
  • More recently, his experiences have led him to focus more on an approach that considers the question of “Why” (why engage in that business), while concurrently taking action and formulating (reviewing) strategi
  • He has co-authored Business Produce Strategies for the Creation of a ¥300 Billion Business and Business Produce : The Road to Success (PHP Institute, Inc.)
  • He has advised the City of Toyota in Aichi Prefecture and has served on a number of committees and working groups in the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).


Masahito Ishikawa – Executive Officer

Masahito Ishikawa

Masahito is a founding member of DI’s business production initiative. Working with government, he has engaged in the production of industries in the areas of the environment/energy and community building, and in developing strategies for achieving international expansion of Japan’s infrastructure industry. He has provided a wide range of services for a variety of major companies, including general trading houses, financial institutions, consumer goods, and manufacturers, such as the development and execution of new business strategies and digitalization strategies.

From 2010 to 2015, he led the establishment of DI Shanghai as its CEO, working on the development of strategies for Japanese companies’ expansion into China in a variety of sectors, and business production activities in collaboration with the Chinese government and government agencies.

Prior to joining DI, Masahito worked for Sumitomo Corporation.

Masahito graduated from the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University and completed his post-graduate studies at the same university’s Graduate School of Science and Engineering.


Kazuya Suzuki – Executive Officer

Kazuya Suzuki

A graduate of the Keio University Faculty of Policy Management, Kazuya Suzuki also holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.
He previously worked for Sony Corporation and Booz & Company before joining DI.

  • Kazuya has been focusing on consulting new business creation and R&D for mainly manufacturers, and in recent years, helping them work out how they will respond to digital disruption.
  • In his consulting work, spanning more than ten years from his time at Booz & Company through to the present day, he has supported the development and execution of strategies that will contribute to the growth of his corporate clients in such diverse sectors as electronics, automotive, consumer goods, environment and energy, healthcare, chemicals, and finance. Strategies have included new business development, overseas expansion, M&A/tie-up support, and R&D strategies.
  • He has been devoting his professional career to “turn invention into innovation” and consistently engaged in business creation throughout his career. At Sony Corporation, he worked on new business development in display devices, and at business school, he was involved in the launch of a nanotech startup from the university.


Yoshihiro Nobe – Executive Officer

Yoshihiro Nobe received a master’s degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology, the Department of Industrial Engineering and Economics.

His clients are major Japanese corporations (including the top general trading companies) in a broad range of industry sectors such as consumer goods, electrical machinery, automotive and automotive components, materials and chemicals, electric power and petroleum.

He primarily advises clients in areas such as new business creation, business planning, market entry strategy, organization and operation design, and systems development. He also works closely with clients in implementing and executing new strategies and initiatives.

With over 12 years of experience, he is often called upon to work on many consulting projects including 1) devising medium-term management plans and growth strategies for a client’s primary business lines, 2) developing strategies for organization rebuilding, 3) conducting strategic due diligence of technologies, 4) advising on revamping sales and 5) assisting in the development of executive candidates.

More recently, he has been actively working on initiatives within DI to create new services and upgrade internal technologies such as the digitalization of operations.



<Incubation Division>

Hidetaka Murata – Executive Officer

Hidetaka Murata

Joining DI in 2002, Hidetaka has been working as a strategic consultant in the areas of finance, healthcare and cosmetic while supporting startup companies which he took many of them to public.  After accelerating the launches of investment fund business in Asia and M&A advisory service, he took initiative in reestablishing DI’s incubation business and its investment portfolio which he is currently responsible of.

Prior to joining DI, he worked for the Bank of Tokyo (now MUFG Bank, Ltd), Tokyo-Mitsubishi Securities (now Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities) and Morgan Stanley Securities (now Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities) where he built up his skills and experiences in project financing, M&A advisory and equity offering.

A graduate of the Faculty of Economics of The University of Tokyo, Hidetaka holds an MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  He is also a CFA Chartered Analyst and an Illinois State USCPA.

Hidetaka believes that success comes not only from strategy and persuasion but from respect and consideration.


Takamitsu Miyaso – Executive Officer

Takamitsu Miyaso

Takamitsu Miyaso graduated from the Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School and obtained an accelerated master’s degree in inorganic material engineering.He worked for Sharp Corporation and a systems development company prior to joining DI.

  • At Sharp, he was involved in the development and mass production of laser diodes for DVDs.
  • At DI, he pursues strategy development, executive recruitment, M&As, and tie-ups for large companies and startups.
  • His track record in support for startups includes contributing to three stock exchange listings and three MBOs to companies listed on Section One of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. He was most recently involved in investment in and support for C Channel Corporation. Since 2006, he has been hosting a study group for entrepreneurs. Nine of the group’s 16 members have listed on the stock exchange.
  • Currently, he oversees venture investments and listing support projects in Japan. He has also launched and manages Venture Navi, a media program for entrepreneurs. He also serves as an outside director for Tryon Co., Ltd., one of the startups he has assisted, and as an advisor to the Japan Startup Support Association.
  • He devotes his efforts to the support of entrepreneurs with a vision of “the creation of correct entrepreneurs and businesses.”


Kazutoshi Numata -Executive Officer

Kazutoshi Numata

Kazutoshi Numata holds a bachelor’s degree from the Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Yokohama City University and completed graduate work at the Graduate School of Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba.

Prior to joining DI, he worked for Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

  • At Nomura Research Institute, he assisted in the development and execution of growth strategies and sales and marketing strategies for many major companies in the consumer goods, mail-order, food, automotive, energy, and finance sectors.
  • At DI, he is engaged in the development of growth strategies and new business strategies for major companies and startups in fields such as telecommunications, cosmetics, food, entertainment, finance, automotive, agricultural machinery, and energy. He is also actively engaged in business production, which involves bringing multiple major corporations and startups together to collaborate to launch new businesses.
  • He is serving concurrently as Representative Director, COO at DI Asia, which is part of the DI group, where he is working on building data and intelligence platforms with a focus on Southeast Asia.
  • His goal is to embody the image of a business producer who is not confined by the domain of consulting.


<Corporate Advisory Group>

Masami Hamada – Managing Director

Masami Hamada

Masami Hamada is a graduate of The University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Economics.
His experience prior to joining DI includes working for The Tokai Bank, Ltd. – UFJ Bank (now MUFG Bank, Ltd ), an operating company, and a securities company.

  • At The Tokai Bank, Ltd. – UFJ Bank, he was involved in numerous corporate financing projects, including the revitalization of large borrowers, and M&As, as well as MBO finance and the launch of a real estate liquidation/securitization
  • At the operating company he worked for, he served as director in charge of corporate planning and business strategy, reviewed the company’s business portfolio and led the turnaround of group companies.
  • At DI, he not only assists in executing M&As, but also provides support aimed at making those M&As a success.
  • With his extensive experience in both operating and finance companies, he has a deep knowledge of the pitfalls that Japanese companies tend to fall into when engaging in M&As overseas, and advises them on how to avoid those pitfalls.
  • In actual negotiations, he proposes optimal negotiation strategies based on intelligence and experience, and provides extensive support right up to execution.
  • Where necessary, he serves as an instructor in “practical” M&A training for executives and middle management of listed companies, with a focus on case studies.


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