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Business production (business creation) support

Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Smart City Development, with Leading Automobile Manufacturer Concept design, business model formulation, role distribution among multiple players, alliance with public policies (funds, regulations, etc.), etc.[※example①]
New Community Design, Integrating Energy and Mobility Concept design, role distribution among multiple players, support for promoting cooperative works with community members, etc.[※example②]
Infrastructure Export, with Major Trading Companies and Manufacturers Research and analysis of global markets, systems and regulations, designing of alliances / partnering and negotiation management, alliance with public policies (domestic / global), etc.[※example③]
Global Market Creation of Energy Saving Appliances Alliance with public policies, study on technology architecture and global standardization strategy, etc.[※example④]
Architecture Design of Regenerative Medicine Business Detailed examination of technology seeds, architectural design, alliance with public policies, etc.
Development of Decentralized Energy Supply Business Designing of new business scheme and realization strategy, alliance/partnering strategy, etc.
Development of New Solution Business, with Leading Electrical Manufacurer Designing of business model, realization strategy, alliance / partnering strategy, etc.
Innovation and R&D Management System Design Innovation incubation mapping, study of an appropriate method for producing functions with attention to business feasibility, etc.
Fusion of IT and Business / Study on Next Generation IT Architecture Concept design, reflection of concept to specific applications, support for alliance and partnering, etc.







Business strategy/Growth strategy development support, Others

Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy Draw up vision
Formulate mid-to-long term corporate strategy
Support the drawing-up of mid-to-long term corporate strategy
Business Strategy Formulate BtoB business reinforcement strategy
●Market analysis, company positioning analysis, capabilities redifinition, review of appropriate resource distribution methods
Draw up alliance and M&A strategy
●Selection of partner candidates (Long list -> Short list), negotiation strategy planning, (+ negotiation support), etc.
●Full-line support from M&A strategy planning to due diligence and PMI (Post Merger Integration)
Business Development Design core business in new field
●Defining core capabilities, analysis of environmental changes and market trends, selection and analysis of noteworthy players, etc.
Draw up market creation strategy for new product (consumer goods)
●Research and analysis of global market segments, partnering strategy planning, channel strategy planning, etc.
Technology Strategy Commercialize next-generation technology
●Research on needs by segment, writing a scenario for making profit, channel strategy planning and partnering strategy designing, etc.
Evaluate business feasibility and audit strategies of technology seeds
●Technology portfolio mapping, technology positioning analysis, due diligence of marketability based on needs analysis, reflection of analysis results to research and development strategies
Marketing and Sales Strategy Formulate brand strategy
●Research and analysis concerning brand penetration by product / segment, competitive product analysis, brand portfolio mapping, etc.
Support strengthening sales capabilities
●Evaluation and analysis of sales structure (by sales rep, channel, etc.), customer needs analysis, due diligence concerning channel’s cost effectiveness, cultivation of new channels, etc.
Operation Strategy Cost management
●Detailed checking for fair costs, supplier management (negotiation strategy planning, etc.), defining appropriate service standards, etc.
Reform distribution and logistics structure
●Inventory analysis (channel, warehouse, distribution routes, etc.), inventory management, operation review, support for alliance establishment and partnering, etc.
Global Strategy Formulate global market entry strategy
●Market needs analysis, channel structure analysis, examination of local systems and regulations, partnering strategy planning, etc.
Reform global SCM structure
●Analysis of supply chain structure by area, support for partnering, re-designing the distribution of roles and duties, etc.
Business Restructuring and Re-growth Strategy Support reestablishment of business portfolio
●Business environment analysis, profitability analysis concerning existing businesses, designing resources distribution, etc.
Formulate recovery strategy
●Analysis of competitive environments and earning status by business segment and planning of strategies for contraction, reform, reinforcement etc.


Client firm (Acquirer) M&A target firm Country Target sector Project overview
Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. Integrated Cleanroom Technologies Private Limited India Industrial goods(Engineering) M&A advisory services (comprehensive due diligence supervision, contract negotiation support, closing support)
Tosoh Corporation Lilac Medicare Private Limited India Industrial goods(Healthcare) M&A advisory services (comprehensive due diligence supervision, contract negotiation support, closing support)
Japan Material Co.,Ltd. Aldon Technologies Services Pte Ltd ADCT Technologies Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial goods(Chemicals) M&A advisory services (comprehensive due diligence supervision, contract negotiation support, closing support)
Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. BOLLIG & KEMPER GmbH&CO.KG Germany France Industrial goods(BtoB Services) M&A advisory services (comprehensive due diligence supervision, contract negotiation support, closing support)
Air Water Inc. Ellenbarie Industrial Gases Limited India Industrial goods(Chemicals) M&A advisory services (comprehensive due diligence supervision, contract negotiation support, closing support)


Executive Coaching Provided a coaching program for CEOs and other executives
●Advice for executives on management strategy and support for their decisions by experienced coaches with insights about industries and decision making, etc.
Management School Provided a human resources development program for officer and executive candidates in order to ferment management’s viewpoints and develop planning capabilities for company-wide strategies
●Specification of management issues, management perspectives for those issues, facilitation for discussion concerning the establishment of measures and strategies, support for trainees’ presentation of discussion results to the management team, etc.
●Trading company, Consumer goods manufacturer, Entertainment company, Electronic manufacturer, Distribution company, Apparel company, Industrial goods manufacturer, etc
Global Leadership Program Provided a leadership development program in cooperation with Harvard Kennedy School
●Discussions concerning trends in leadership theory, the image of sought-after leadership and the requirements for achieving it, methods for confronting issues faced by participants, method for involving stakeholders, etc.
●Medical equipment manufacturer, Internet company, Trading company, Government, Material manufacturer, University, Incorporated non-profit organization, Venture, Entertainment company, Electric power company, Electronic manufacturer, Consultant, etc.
Strategic Dialogue Provided a practice coaching program
●Adjusting between goals and milestones for each participant, drawing up a practice plan, holding regular coaching sessions, giving advice, etc.
●Trading company, Consumer goods manufacturer, Venture, Entertainment company, Medical equipment manufacturer, etc.



Activity Field Project
Producing & consulting Formulated a global expansion strategy of recycling systems

  • Research on market size, market structure, market trend of the target segment, etc., support for the process from research of systems and regulations to facilitation of policy collaboration, etc.
Formulated a development strategy for water business

  • Analysis of market structure, designing a business model based on the collaboration with local partners, study of the market entry strategy, provision of the information necessary for decision-making, etc.
Formulated a cold chain establishment strategy

  • Research of explicit and implicit cold chain needs, analysis of market trends, systems and regulations, and the facilitation of policy collaboration, etc.
Evaluated business feasibility of materials for re-chargeable battery

  • Simulation of explicit and implicit markets (by product), market structure, research on player’s decision-making scheme, etc.
Formulated a market entry strategy for the PC and smartphone related business

  • Research of market structure/situations, trends of involved players, and systems and regulations, establishment of a cooperative scheme with local partners, including alliance and M&A, etc.
Re-established a business in local joint venture of an entertainment company

  • Preparation of a marketing manual for Chinese market, establishment of a sales system, organization of a decision-making structure with JV partner, support for negotiating a scheme to enhance corporate governance, etc.
Formulated a growth strategy for a local internet venture

  • Establishment of a strategy based on research results of North American and Japanese markets, drawing up of communication plans for investors, etc.
Time machine management using an advanced Chinese model

  • Research on advanced business models in the Chinese market, study concerning the feasibility of the model in Southeast Asia, selection and due diligence of investee candidates, etc.


Activity Field Project
Producing & consulting Formulated an industry development strategy for the X Province
Planning an industrialization strategy for the X Ministry, study of measures for attracting Japanese investments etc.
Formulated a port vitalization strategy for the southern part of Vietnam
Research and analysis on the current status of the port logistics business in Vietnam, examination on measures toward the port revitalization.
Helped a leading food manufacturer develop in the Vietnam market on a full scale basis
Consumer research, distribution analysis, marketability analysis of a new market, planning a strategy based on the analysis results.
Helped an agriculture related company formulate a market entry strategy and implement it
Analysis of related markets, entry strategy planning, listing of major sales agent candidates, negotiation support, etc.
Formulated a strategy concerning domestic distribution services in Vietnam
Research and analysis of the current status of Vietnam distribution industry, planning of a business conversion strategy.
Investment by DI Asia Industrial Fund Major milk products manufacturer in Vietnam (NUTIFOOD)
Major medical equipment wholesaler in Vietnam (JVC)
Major medicine wholesaler and pharmacy chain in Vietnam (Santedo)
Major daily consumer goods wholesaler in Vietnam (MESA)
M&A support Supported the merger and acquisition of a Vietnam company by a Japanese major food manufacturer
●List-up of candidate companies, initial evaluation, business feasibility evaluation, M&A advisory, etc.
Facebook marketing Helped major convenience stores develop Facebook marketing in Vietnam
●Carrying out various campaigns for local leading food chains and foreign leading cosmetic brands

DI SINGAPORE  (dormant state)

Activity Field Project
Producing & consulting Produced the launch of a new service with a local conglomerate in the healthcare field in India
●Business concept creation, negotiations and arrangements with partner (local conglomerate), market research, formulation of an execution plan, etc.
Formulated a strategy for establishing a new electric vehicle business in India
●Business concept creation, by involving relevant government ministries and agencies, industrial groups, and local manufacturers
Formulated a strategy for establishing a new energy related business in India, Indonesia and Singapore
●Business concept creation, negotiations and arrangements with relevant ministries and agencies, measurement of market size, etc.
Produced a new content business in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia
●Strategy formulation for launching content business with local startups as vehicles and carried out due diligence on individual companies
Formulated a strategy for developing copyright business in major Southeast Asian countries and India
●Research and analysis of current status of the content industry in each country and formulated a commercialization strategy
Evaluated the feasibility of a store-type business in Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia
●Analysis of markets and competitors, estimation of profit potential, etc.
M&A Advisory Advisory for Indian company M&A by a leading agriculture company
Advisory for Indian company M&A by a leading healthcare company
Advisory for Thai company M&A by a leading chemical company
Advisory for Indonesian company M&A by a leading packaging company